Life Update: I Got Married

by - October 02, 2019

It's been too long since I wrote my last post, which is in 2017, wow. Tons of things are happening in the span of 2 years but I was too weary to write them down. There were some moments in that 2 years where I felt so desolate I didn't want to do anything productive other than watching movies or series after work. Life seemed so monotonous and I felt so far away from my favourite people. It was tough. It was lonely. Until one day, a stranger came into my life and it wasn't that lonely anymore.

Long story short, the highlight of that 2 years is: I got married.
Well, I was at the age where everyone around my age are getting married and questions about when will I follow their steps to get into marriage life is like a regular snack.  However, at some point at that time, I was no longer worry about getting married. There would only be two options: to get married or not to get married. It's actually that simple. Whatever will be, will be. 
But then, Caesar came into my life, knocked at my door. He tried to get close to met but I pushed him away. He still looked like some boy who's not ready to settle down while I was tired of bullshit about romance.
Until one day I attended a relatives' wedding in Bali and Mum told me that I should start thinking about getting married lol. I told her that there is this boy who is trying to get close to me but he was not my type and I thought that he's too immature for me. Not to my surprise, Mum said that I should give it a try. There's nothing wrong in opening up to someone who is interested in us. As a woman, it's better to be loved than chasing after love, she said. Well, she's got her point.

Four months after that I'm getting engaged to Caesar and seven months after the engagement we got married.

The funny part is I recorded Caesar in my phone long before I even knew him! Coincidence?
So on July 2017 I was out with Jodi and we passed a parade of elephant near the zoo in my hometown. I automatically take my phone out and recorded the parade as we passed. A year later, when I was preparing for the engagement, I just realized that Caesar was with the elephant parade and I got him recorded on my phone. It's funny how such a coincidence could occur to myself.

Now it's been six months since our wedding and I'm happy I listened to my Mum back then.

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