Goodbye 2013

by - January 01, 2014

After having a quite painful and heartbreaking 2012 (Oh, I made it sounds terrible. It was still an awesome year though, 2012), 2013 was such a really great and wonderful year for me. Guess it is true that we should give time some time.
A lot of things happens. A (hell) LOT of unexpected and surprising things, the sweet ones and bitter ones. This year is like a twist. I've got new members in my family; went travelling to many amazing places; met superb awesome new friends and got the chance to know my (old) friends better; and I also had a chance to go with someone-that-I-never-imagine-I-could-hang out-with.
Here's the short recap of what I've been through this year

Well, nothing special happens this month :/

First full day trip with the girls! We went to Solo: eating some delicious food, window shopping at Solo Mall Paragon, cooling down at Kemuning Tea Plantation and Sukuh Temple.

On February I also had a sudden trip to Goa Cerme with Mum. Mum and daughter's time!

And the fourth semester was started on February. Yeay (?)

There was an upgrading agenda for the board of EDSA taken place at Kebun Buah Mangunan in Imogiri. I never knew that Jogja has a place with Shire-like-view. Yes, I mean Shire in LOTR, anyway.

Another not-really-special month, nothing happened except Paramore released new album.

A trip to Air Terjun Sri Gethuk with PIPH EDSA. Tbh, at first I didn't want to be the part of EDSA, I thought it stinks ahahaha. But these people thought me that we are more than just a student organization <3

An unplanned trip to Candi Plaosan with Difara and Tata. Sometimes, you don't need a plan to have a good time and an exciting adventure.

Then my mum suddenly take me to Pasuruan and we went to Bromo! That was the first time I went back there after years.

Afgan, Andien, and GAC in one stage. Next time if Afgan had another concert, I have to buy the front seat :/

My cousin's wedding and then my mum's. I told you I have new family members, right?

Holidays! Went to Baluran and Bromo with my cousins. This time I could see the sunrise, yeay! Oh I looove my family and I looove travelling!

Started the fifth semester and made a big decision to take Linguistics major. Now I think that was the best decision.
It was my birthday and I oficially 21 years old!  I'm sooo blessed to have a lot of people who love me. 

Got a bunch of awesome new friends from other countries. 
A trip to Dieng with some classmates. It was the first time I see the golden sunrise and made me crave for more. This was how I got closer to them and realize that they were more than I thought they were. And this was also how I get a good companion to go travelling, yohoooo!

Went hiking for the first time of my life! I always thought that I would never go hiking, remembering that my physical condition was so lame. But I did make it! I went to Mt. Sindoro Thanks to my super supportive friends, you guys are the best! I was thinking that it was funny how we first could only stare the top of Sindoro from Sikunir then the next month we were there. Epic!

Global Culture Festival 2013!

The last trip of this year: Pantai Greweng and Cave Tubing at Kalisuci. They were also kinda sudden trip actually.

Watched two concerts in a week and both of them were awesome.

And yesterday I spend the last evening of 2013 with someone who I thought would never even notice me. What a twist. No?

As I write this post, I'm getting more grateful for this year. I couldn't hide that there were also some uncomfortable and bitter things happen. But I prefer to count the lovely ones.
Not really have special resolution for 2014, except to make it as awesome as 2013.

Please surprise me, 2014.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

p.s. this picture was taken last night from my balcony

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