Spoiler: Lombok

by - January 26, 2014

This is a spoiler post for next posts about my trip to Lombok.
First trip in 2014: Lombok!
So, before the exam week started, my friends and I had decided to go to Lombok for our next destination. We were totally hyped that it was hard to keep our focus on the exam hahaha.
Since it was my first inter-islands trip without my parents or teachers or cousins, I was super excited that I arrange the itinerary carefully. Not fully mine actually, we arranged it together, but I am the one who added every detail in the intinerary, fyi :p Though at the end we couldn't stick straightly to the itinerary, it was very helpful. It was a seven-days (backpacking) trip and we only spent around 1,5 million rupiah. We tempted to be backpackers but somehow it wasn't that successful :|
Here is what we were planning to do in Lombok:

And here is what we actually did and visited:

There were sooo many changes made because of the weather and unexpected conditions. It turned out that we came to Lombok at the wrong season, and some of our calculation about the accommodations were missed. But it didn't lessen the essence of our journey. It was superb!
Stay tune for the next posts ;)

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