A Post-Concert Syndrome Post: Coldplay's A Head Full Of Dreams Tour in Singapore

by - April 11, 2017

I never watched a concert, but when I do, I watch Coldplay :p

 I was among those 60,000 lucky people who got to experience the magic of Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams concert in Singapore on March 31st, 2017! I've been in love with Coldplay since I first heard Yellow years ago, so it was kinda surreal for me to be able to watch them live in concert and ticked off one of the top things to do in my bucket list. Coldplay's concerts are undoubtedly among the best, if not the best, concert on earth particularly for me who has never seen a "real" concert before.

I believe that the beginning of this unforgettable experience was just as dramatic as everyone else's. Purchasing the tix for the concert was a bloody battle. I failed at my attempts to buy the tix, both at the first and the additional sale, that I left it to my fate. If I was meant to watch it, I knew I would. Miraculously, my friend, Icha, got the tixs for us to watch AHFOD!

Long story short, after waiting for four months we finally made it to our first ever Coldplay's concert! The concert was actually started at 8 p.m but because Icha believed that we might not get the Xyloband if we didn't come there early enough, we came to Singapore National Stadium around 11 a.m. We later found out that that was not true. The Xyloband was limited means that one person could only get one. Well, we were just too excited for the concert, you know. As we predicted we were not the only ones who came early. Some of the Standing Pen ticket holders were already queuing since it was opened at 11 a.m. The people who held seated tickets like us were either strolling around, admiring the remarkable Singapore National Stadium or queuing for the concert's merchandise.


 Around 2.00 p.m, a familiar voice could be heard from inside the venue. Chris Martin was doing a soundcheck. Everybody was thrilled: some people were screaming and I was feeling as if I could cry for directly hearing Chris Martin's voice for the 'first time'. Well, he didn't sound any different tho... but the euphoria of being at the same venue with him and going to watch him perform was just overwhelming.

At 6.00 p.m. sharp, the gate was open. We scanned our tickets, took the Xyloband and the Love Button, and went to our seats. The standing section looked more chaotic. Everybody ran as fast as they could to get the best spot in front of the stage. I was choked as I enter the venue as it was my very first time being in such a big stadium for a big concert. The view from my seat was straight to the front of the stage (before the crowds haha). After getting to my seat I still calmly observed my surroundings, went to the toilet and bought myself a drink.


Exactly at 8.00 p.m. O Mio Babbino Caro was played as a sign that the concert was about to start. Then the light were suddenly turned off. It was dark. Everybody screamed out of excitement. The screens were turned on then showed an opening video followed by a countdown. The screams were getting louder as the Xyloband flared up in red, turning the stadium into a red ocean. It got a bit quiet down as Charlie Chaplin's speech was being played... until the intro of A Head Full of Dreams kicked in. And the concert was started. 


 As the concert began, I was in a state of disbelief that I was watching Coldplay. Then right when Yellow was played that it hit me 'I AM WATCHING COLDPLAY LIVE IN CONCERT!' The Xyloband turned yellow, the lighting on the stage  radiated yellow light and everybody was pouring their hearts out while sang along, including me. 

 The rest of the concert was  m a g i c. The laser was breath-taking, the sound system was excellent, the Xyloband was vibrant, and the performance was solid. In addition, they used extensive laser light and pyrotechnic visuals, fire, fog and fireworks on stage, and threw colorful confetti and balloon to the crowd.

They presented 23 songs non-stop with many engaging improvisation like when they used Tiesto remix for the outro of Paradise, or when they performed Birds with Oceans excerpted in the intro, or when Army of One was excerpted into Clocks' intro then followed by Midnight, and many more (you can read the setlist here). Will and Jonny were on lead vocals performing Don't Panic as Chris "took a break". They played their new song in this ocassion. It was the first time for Coldplay to play Something Just like This in their concert. Even though I like The Chainsmokers, I think it sounded better then when they played it together with The Chainsmokers tho.


 There were too much feelings to handle in one moment. I was moved, delighted, overjoyed, in disbelief, in an awe and I could also feel the energy, the excitement, and the happiness from the crowd as well as the love from fans to Coldplay, and vice versa. Coldplay didn't only give an epic performance. It was as if they wanted to show their gratitude and 'pay' us for being there. It worth every penny to be in the middle of this amazing crowd.
The concert was (and will) Always in My Mind as I had A Head Full of Dreams for months, waiting for this concert. And when I finally experienced it, it was Magic, it was an Amazing Day. Indeed, I was lucky to be able to be a part in this concert. Thank you Coldplay! A round of applause for Chris, Jonny, Guy, Will, and the team who made this marvelous concert happen. Thank you!


P.S. It's been two weeks after the concert and I still cannot move on. So this is what Post-Concert Syndrome feels like, eh?
God, I do sincerely wish that I would have more chances to watch them again. Please let them have a concert in Indonesia. Amen. 

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  1. Aaaa so happy for you! XD
    Padahal udah pingin banget nonton Coldplay, tapi sayang jadwalnya gak pas. Kurang jodoh sama Chris Martin kayanya, huhu. :(
    Anyway, nice post! Salam kenal yah! :)


    1. Hi there!
      Thanks for visiting my blog :)
      Next time kalo dapet kesempatan, kamu wajib nonton konser mereka. Kudu banget. Dijamin bahagia hahaha
      Salam kenal juga ;)