Happy New Year!

by - January 02, 2013

Happy New Year everybody!
*throwing confetti*

It's 2013, ladies and gentlemen. And, it turns out that 2012 is not the end of the world. Ha ha ha, like I believe that. So, I'm not going to write about what have happened in 2012, what I've done, what I've achieved, or what I've been through. I guess there were much pain back then. But don't get me wrong, I do have some tons of great things happened to me. I have superb family and super awesome friends who enlighten my days. It's just that -- like what Augustus Waters said-- "Pain demands to be felt.". Perhaps that's why it doesn't easy to erase the pain away.

Ups, enough with the nostalgia. It's 2013, dude! A brand new year, brand new days. New year, new resolution. However, I'm not going to write about my resolution here either. Why? So, there is my favorite column in Jawa Pos, written by mbak Kika Dhersy Putri, and this column only comes out every Monday, is talking about new year's resolution this week. The article is Resolusi Basi and it's kinda flicked me. You know, at first I'd like to write my resolution here in my blog, but after reading the article, I think about it again and decided not to. I still write my resolution, though. I think it's better to share what I've been through later, rather than sharing what I would do now, but I couldn't make it happen. And anyway, I don't think you'll be interested with my resolution hahaha.

But, let me tell you something... One thing that I have to do in 2013 is TRAVELLING. Even though I'll just go to Solo or other nearby cities. I must go on (at least) an adventure. I've been spending too much time at home, really. It's a shame that I just realize how great travelling is.

Another thing I want to advice myself (and you) to do is having a 2013 jar. I will fill it with notes about good things that (will) happen through this year. At the end of the years, on new years eve, I could empty it and see what awesome stuff (had) happened to me. Maybe you've heard or know about it, but just pretend that it's a really good idea that you just found out when you read this. Deal?

FYI, I have to start 2013 with final exam. Sounds so interesting, huh? So now I have to put my butt back to work study. Wish me luck with my exam, and wish me luck making 2013 a super awesome and memorable year. Happy New Year! <:D

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