Paramore (2013)

by - April 13, 2013

My favorite band of all time, Paramore, has released a new album!!! This time, it's a self-titled album, Paramore (2013). And this album is so frickin awesooome!!! I do definitely truly looove it!
When the first single of this album, Now, came out, I didn't expect much of the rest of the album. Personally, I don't really like Now. It doesn't sound that good in my ears and it's way so different from Paramore that I know. Until, another single came out, Still Into You. My heart suddenly flutters and gets warmer. It is very easy to love this song. Though it's still way so different from Paramore's, this one is such a heart-warming song  It makes me couldn't wait for the rest of the songs.
And it is here now!
Paramore (2013)

Paramore (2013) is very different from the rest of Paramore's albums. A lot of changes are made and there are so many surprises such as ukulele, country jam, choir, and many more. They are getting more mature in making the songs in this album, but the lyrics are still strong.

Still can't decide which one is my fave!

It is crystal clear that their music is different. They are changing, since there are no more the Farro's brother. But I still love them. So far, RIOT! is my Paramore's favorite album... Paramore with Josh and Zac in the formation. And I guess for this new formation, so far Paramore (2013) is my number one :))

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